Board of Directors

CHAIRMAN: Nicholas Cosentino 630 395-7902

VICE CHAIRMAN: Bill Friedman 518 374-6485

TREASURER: Greg Mohr 518 395-6091

SECRETARY: Sandeep Alampalli

Sandeep Alampalli 518 621-7385

Sreenivas Alampalli 518 457 5498

Pete Korunkiewich 518 355 7133

Paul Martino 518 423 6371

David Miles 518 813 7647

Larry Mullins, Jr. 518 879 1655

Shridhar Nath 518 387 6617

Mark Osterlitz 518 387 4640

Harry Ringermacher

Milan Tuchovsky 518 374 9384

Local Section Members as of June 2019
Echem Consultants LLC
Corporate Partner

3angles Inc.
Corporate Partner

Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli

Mr. Sandeep Alampalli

Ms. Frank Barrett

Mr. Gerald P. Beer

Mr. Gregory Bentley

Mr. Robert W. Bergman

Mr. Alan M. Bloom
Territory Sales Manager - North Region
GE Inspection Technologies

Mr. Richard Bogardus

Dr. Clifford Bueno

Mr. Michael L. Chauvin

Mr. Nicholas Cosentino

Mr. Jeremy C. Dalen
Advance Testing Co Inc.

Mr. William H. Davis

Mr. Arden H. deBrun Jr

Mrs. Deniz Dikmen-Gungor

Mr. Steven Farina

Mr. Alan A. Fijal

Dr. William D. Friedman

Mr. Clayton J. Fuller
North Country NDT LLC

Mr. Jason Gammans

Dr. Andrew J. Gavens

Mr. George E. Grober

Mr. Richard F. Irick
Vermont Nondestructive Testing Inc.

Mr. Aaron W. Kinzie

Mr. Benjamin A. Klein

Ms. Alison Kohyama
Hamamatsu Corporation

Mr. Joop Kraijesteijn
3angles Inc

Mr. Johannes Kraijesteijn

Mr. Gregory D. Kriger

Dr. Gary A. Lamberton Jr.

Ms. Stacey Loughran
Echem Consultants LLC

Mr. Humberto Macia
Macia Inspection & Testing Laboratories Inc.

Mr. Paul J. Martino

Mr. William E. Mastroe
Crucible Industries LLC

Ms. Irene Matteini
Echem Consultants LLC

Mr. John E. McLeod Jr.
GE Global Research

Mr. Douglas J. McNeil

Ms. Leah Menard
Echem Consultants LLC

Mr. Zack Mian
International Electronic Machines

Mr. David A. Miles
STS Steel Inc.

Dr. Gregory A. Mohr

Mr. Thomas E. Moldenhauer

Mr. Ivan M. Momaney

Mr. Lawrence E. Mullins Jr.

Mr. Lawrence E. Mullins Sr.

Dr. Shridhar Nath
GE Global Research

Mr. Mark J. Osterlitz
GE Global Research

Mr. Willis J. Perry

Mr. Richard A. Pimpinella

Mr. Albert P. Pizzo

Mr. Eric Reckman

Mr. Francis A. Reed

Mr. Matthew M. Remillard

Mr. Stephen Renkavinsky

Mr. Nicholas P. Rimmer
Greenman-Pederson Inc.

Dr. Harry I. Ringermacher

Mr. Peter T. Roosevelt

Mr. Curtis W. Rose

Mr. Dyaln Saladino

Dr. Stephen Smith
CYHC Technology Group

Mr. Gary B. Teachout
Precisionmatics Co Inc.

Mr. Eric Thorkildsen
Greenman-Pederson Inc.

Mr. Sam J. Trudeau

Mr. Milan Tuchovsky

Dr. John R. Viertl


Suggestions And Interests
If you have suggestions for speakers or events (or interested in advertising in the newsletter), please contact one of the officers above. We are always interested in expanding our network and experiencing the diverse world of NDT in our section. If you are interested in contributing an article to this Newsletter, contact Nicholas Cosentino. Make your own website